About Brad Wendes
Brad Wendes is a photographer as well as an acrobat and Parkour practitioner.
Primarily Brad is director of Team Kinetix and an Elected Director of Parkour UK.
As part of his role in Team Kinetix Brad oversees all their marketing, this involves a lot of photography and filming of Parkour, Freerunning & Acrobatics.
Through Brad, Team Kinetix offer professional photography and film making services as well as photography workshops.
Brad started photography seriously in 2008 in order to take promotional images of Team Kinetix. Brad quickly fell in love with digital photography and began pursuing photography outside of Parkour and Acrobatics. Brad continued to study photography & digital editing techniques across a wide range of subjects.
Brad started to photograph professionally in 2012. This led to the purchase of more equipment and further education, the increased time and access to diverse subjects helped to develop his individual photographic style.
As Brad is something of a tech geek he continues to be fascinated by the science of photography and getting the most out of equipment.
For all enquiries please contact brad@teamkinetix.co.uk

Brad Wendes

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